You dropped your phone in a taxi, Now What?

You must have been there, that moment when your heart sinks and you realise, your phone/wallet/house keys are no longer in your hand/pocket/hand bag. You realise they are probably in the taxi that’s now disappearing down the street. It happened to me some years ago. My mate and I were sharing a taxi home, I was first out so emptied my pockets to sort him some money out and left my keys and phone on the back seat. In my drunken state I decided in a nano second that I should chase the taxi down the street in an attempt to get my stuff back ASAP. Fortunately as I started sprinting my mate saw my stuff and asked the driver to stop, so I caught up fairly quickly and only had a few hundred yards to walk back to the house;

But what if you aren’t so fortunate? What can you expect the driver to do with your belongings you left behind?

That depends, firstly we tend to have a quick look round to see if anything obvious has been dropped and call the customer back before they get to the house, but with the best will in wthe world, its often dark and sometimes difficult to see stuff under the seat etc.

Next question is how did you acquire your taxi?

If you rang and ordered one or booked through an app your first port of call should be the company you booked with. They will have a record of which driver took you and can get the driver to check the car, assuming they find what ever you lost, you have a choice, have the driver drop it off for the cost of the fare from the companies office or collect it from the office at your convenience.

If you hailed a hackney carriage(black cab) in the street, it is possible the driver is totally independent and if not, you don’t know who he works for. Even if you did the office won’t have a record of the booking (They aren’t required to for customers who hail a cab in the street), so you are relying on the driver to do the right thing. We are required as drivers to hand lost property in to the council within 48 hours, so contact you local council and with a bit of luck they will have whatever you are missing.

Pro tip

When you get in a taxi, make a note of the ‘plate number’ it will be displayed on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. If you need to trace the driver, give this number to the council and they will be able to track down the driver (This is useful for general complaints as well as lost property, but that’s another blog!).


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