Why Won’t my taxi driver take me to the drive through?

Success! You have found a taxi to take you home from your night out, the only thing missing is a portion of mozzarella dippers and 20 chicken nuggets, you ask the driver if he’ll take you to the drive through and he says “no”. Ever wondered why we don’t really like doing it?


Firstly it comes down to manners, how do you ask?

How were you behaving when you got in? Some people don’t behave as well as they could and don’t give drivers enough respect, and therefore the driver is keen to get the passenger out of the vehicle as soon as possible.

Second, the smell.

Takeaway stinks, MacDonald’s especially. Ever considered your driver might be a vegetarian who doesn’t want to smell greasy dead cow in his car?

Thirdly, Time.

Often drivers will have some pre-booked work, and the extra 20 minutes will make them late for the next customer. Its nothing personal, but some of us pride ourselves on being on time, its not just an excuse and arguing the point won’t make the driver any more likely to take you to the drive through.

Fourth, Customers lie.

Everyone says they won’t eat in the car and yet everyone does (remember I’ve been a drunk customer as well) Everyone also says they will take their rubbish with them, often they don’t. Just think of your office, desk, classroom where ever you work. How would you feel if I walked in at lunchtime and dumped my rubbish on your desk? Honestly if I had turned up at your house on Monday morning to take you to work, with the cab in the state it was left by a group of customers on Friday night, you wouldn’t have got in.

Fifth – Spillage.

No one means to spill a drink, I know its not deliberate, but if you spill a large coke on a cloth seat its going to take an hour to dry, the driver is going to lose out there.

And finally

Your’re just so damn lazy you wont queue. I often work from a rank in town which is directly outside a  MacDonald’s, it avoids me being asked to go to the drive through, because everyone has had their food already, but just occasionally people will get in and say take me to place x and then ask if we can go to the drive through on the way. I always point out we have just left MacDonald’s, and they should have got the food there.

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