Sleeping in the road, its better than bed you know!

Driving a taxi at night gives an opportunity; to see things that you miss if you’re ut on the lash with your mates. I’m sure this applies t other night workers, bouncers, police officers, ambulance crews etc. The stuff I see ranges from the disgusting to the hilarious to the down right dangerous, in this blog I’m going to share 3 stories of things I’ve seen while working at night.

The first, was at MacDonald’s in town, a guy staggered up to the door and the bouncer (yes bouncers on MacDonald’s, a sad indictment of our society) said “sorry mate not tonight, you’ve had too much to drink”, to be honest that was a serious understatement. What happened next astounded me, the guy just kept staggering, past the bouncer and inside. The most weak piece of doorman ship I’ve ever seen. I watched the guy stagger around inside and it want long before another bouncer run to the front door and asked “Who let him in, he’s p*&&*^g on the stairs… sadly I didn’t get to see how that one ended as I got a customer and had to take them home, but to say my mind was blown that the guy was let in, and that he’d got so drunk he just had a whizz in MacDonald’s!

The second, its not unusual especially in the summer to see people sleeping in doorways and on benches (I’m not talking homeless people, that’s for anther blog). One night after a race meeting, maybe 4am or just after I was driving past the station, A guy awoke from his bench, staggered around in the road, emptied his bladder and went back to his bench. I imagine he missed his train and didn’t have enough money for a cab home. At least it was a warm night.

The third and final one was only last weekend, I was driving down a terraced street in Hoole, cars parked both sides so there was only room or one car at a time, towards the end of the road there is a white mini blocking my path, as I slowed to a stop a young lady got out and walked in front of her car, it all felt a bit odd, so I stuck the hazards on and jumped out to see what the issue was. As it happened I could hear the problem before I saw it, snoring! There was a guy slumped against a parked car in the road snoring his head off. We tried to wake him, called out to him etc he barely moved. After a quick discussion with the young lady and her mate who had just arrived we decided we didn’t want to touch him since we had no idea who he was, what he might have drunk/taken and weren’t keen on the potential for a violent response if we shook his shoulder to wake him up, so we called the police. While waiting for them to arrive he kind of came around a bit and I spoke to him, and told him he was lying in the road, he responded by saying “It’ll be alright”. Definitely the right decision to get the police involved. He did make it home, with a free lift from the boys in blue!

Like I said, the general public after drink are a truly bizarre breed.

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