What if I have more than 8 People?

If you have more than 8 people, we can help. Please call on 01244 455 150 and we will be delighted to assist. Out biggest vehicle takes 8, so out online booking system can’t cope with groups bigger than this, but rest assured we will be able to take your booking.

What is the furthest you will take me?

We will happily take you anywhere in the mainland UK. If your journey is more than 50 miles, it is best to call 01244 455 150 for our best price.

I’m in a wheelchair, can you accommodate me?

Yes, we can our vehicles are all wheelchair accessible.
PLEASE make sure you state at time of booking so the driver can be prepared, and we can advise on the best course of action if there are more than 5 in your group (The wheelchair takes up more than one passenger space!)

What about toll charges on bridges/tunnels/roads?

If any toll charges are incurred on the journey the customer will be liable for these, we will advise you at time of booking if tolls will be added to the price and give you a price inclusive of all tolls.

Please note our online booking system can’t add toll automatically.

Do you take animals?

Short answer yes and no.

Long answer –

Guide dogs – YES
Other dogs – as long as they are well behaved enough to stay off the seats
Cats, hamsters and other small furies – Yes as long as they are in a suitable carry case
Lizards, Geckos, bearded dragons and other reptiles – yes as long as they are in a suitable carry case
Snakes – no chance, the boss is scared to death of them, please don’t even ask!

Please note, all animals must be accompanied by a human at all times.

Can I pay by card in the taxi?

Yes, we have credit card machines so will happily take a credit card payment in the vehicle.