Manchester Airport Parking Charges

I’ve been in a bit of a grump this month (What’s new??). Mostly about airports, a good while ago Liverpool irritated me by charging for drop off as well as pickup and that has come to Manchester over the last few weeks. The official line is that it was to “ease congestion” on the site, […]


Should I tip my taxi driver?

Its entirely up to you. You might consider tipping if you feel the service has been better than expected. Maybe the driver was extra helpful, maybe you had a great conversation with him, maybe he let you play your own tunes on Spotify. There are loads of reasons you might tip a driver. Personally, I […]


Uber In Chester

Earlier this year Uber arrived in Chester, actually it kind of happened twice, as I understand it they got sent away with a flea in their ear the first time for flouting licensing regulations and then came back and actually started adhering to more of them. I’m not a fan of Uber at all, but […]