7 things you always wanted to know about the taxi industry!

I recently asked in a Facebook group for people to ask questions about the taxi industry, to see what I could blog about, Matt asked this little lot, so I thought I’d stick it all into one blog post, since they seemed like a fun set of rapid fire questions that I can answer quite quickly, so here goes;

What if you want to be quiet and the driver won’t stop talking?

Politely tell him to be quiet, you’re the customer you’re paying. You have probably given a couple of one word answers t try and stop a conversation and he hasn’t picked up on it, just be blunt. If you can’t face that, just say “I need to make a call, do you mind turning the radio down”. Then either fake a call or call your mum or something!

Should you leave a tip and how much?

Entirely up to you, only if you feel ints justified and you can afford to. I think roughly 10% of the fare is a good tip, but honestly I’ll be grateful for anything youre willing to give me

How many taxi journeys could you pay for by getting rid of your car?

A lot! Lets suppose you sold your family hatchback for £8k and had to spend £100 /week on taxis to work and the supermarket etc that’s 80 weeks worth of taxis for the value of your car, with none of the responsibility.

Is it ok to show the driver your opportunity video?

Absolutely but you need to earn the chance like you do with anyone, just shoving a video about the latest network marketing company in a driver’s face wont work if you haven’t got permission. Also don’t assume that just because someone is driving a taxi that they hate it, some of us really love it. Make sure you ask the right questions to work out if the cab driver really is your target.

Why are minicab drivers the only people that would buy a Toyota Avensis?

Good question, not many drivers have them in Chester, Its all VW’s and Skodas round here!

Should you buy a used minicab car?

Tread Carefully, they have a hard life. Of the cars that I have driven doing the job, I’d probably only have kept one of them after it stopped being a taxi. Take the mileage with a pinch of salt, they almost always have that corrected. Work on 40k miles per year for every year it’s been a taxi, so a 10 year old car realistically 400k miles!!

Is it ok to say, “Step on it”?

Its ok to say it, but its also ok for a driver to stick within the law, if you need a driver to speed or run a red light then you had better be tipping well. If you need a driver to get a move on, its best to tell him why, explain the hurry and there is a possibility he will do his best for you.

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